Obituary Notice – Xosé Manuel Pazos Varela

The playwright and translator Xosé Manuel Pazos Varela, mayor of the city of Cangas, in Galicia, Spain, passed away.

Born in 1957, a teacher with a remarkable background in cultural associations, namely linked to the International Exhibition of Cómico y Festivo de Cangas, Xosé Manuel Pazos was a frequent presence at FESTEIXO – Theater Festival of the Eixo Atlântico, which Teatro do Noroeste – CDV organized, between 1996 and 2010.

The Galician Drama Center, the main public theater in that Spanish region, brought to the stage several of his works, in which the link to Galician cultural roots is matrix.

In addition to being the Mayor of Cangas, he was currently a member of the Editorial Board of erregueté – Revista Galega de Teatro, having dedicated his life to culture and civic development.