Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda receives Olga Roriz

The Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda presents the most recent choreography by Olga Roriz, on June 11, at 21h00, entitled Insónia (Insomnia).

The choreographer and dancer from Vienna was inspired by Yasunary Kawabata’s novel The House of Sleeping Beauties, about youth and old age, beauty and eroticism, desire and memories, where naked, untouched and untouchable young women sleep deeply under the effect of powerful narcotics, unknowingly allowing their bodies to be contemplated by old men in search of a poor consolation for the loss of youth.

Insónia marks the return of Companhia Olga Roriz to the stage, in a co-production with Centro Cultural de Belém, Aveiro/Teatro Aveirense and Viana do Castelo.