Viana do Castelo Theater Festival 2020

The 9 days of this winter party that presents 12 different shows, divided between the Main Stage and the Café Concerto of the Municipal Theater Sá de Miranda.

It is with great joy that we held the 4th edition of this festival that transforms Viana do Castelo into the epicenter of the theater in Alto Minho, between the 10th and 18th of November. The 9 days of this winter party begin to be proverbial, during which we celebrate artistic creation, this year exclusively national, through the presentation of 12 different shows, which will total 16 performances, divided between the Main Stage and the Café Concerto of the Municipal Theater Sá de Miranda.

Because eclecticism is fundamental in this festival, they are works of different aesthetics and for different audiences, starting with babies and without an age to finish: We’re debuting the brand new 144th creation of Teatro do Noroeste – CDV, Falar Verdade a Mentir, comedy by Almeida Garrett , staged by António Capelo; revisiting the Little Retable, by Lorca; laughing at the Last Judgment, by Ricardo Alves; thrill us at Sítio, from Companhia da Chanca; fear The Creature, by Leo Lécis; see Alma, by Tiago Correia; playing at Lullaby, from Teatro Plage; getting to know Ermelinda do Rio, with Maria João Luís; listening to Silence, by Cátia Terrinca; taste the Veneno, with Albano Jerónimo; love O Gato Malhado and Andorinha Sinhá, from Teatro do Noroeste-CDV and pay homage to the Dolls of Santo Aleixo, from CENDREV.

Likewise, accessibility and inclusion, commitments we have adopted and reflected in our regular schedule, continue to have preponderance in the festival. Therefore, at least one of the sessions of each show will be translated into Portuguese Sign Language, prior sensory recognition of the scenic area for the blind and post-show conversations. Our are: Gestu; See With Hands; Digestive. As well as Relaxed Sessions, for especially sensitive audiences. – Because these are designs that are always beginning.

In this edition, we will also take the festival, for the first time, to the Viana do Castelo Municipal Library, with the installation Traços Inquiethos, commissioned by Teatro do Noroeste – CDV from the Viennese plastic-sound sculptor João Ricardo de Barros Oliveira, from the universe creative of this centenary year Ruben A., an author we will debate in a conference with the researchers Ângela C. and Dália Dias.


Also for the first time at the festival, we will host an artistic residency, with the company Amarelo Silvestre working on the creation of Diário de Uma República I, a show that will debut in 2021, in co-production with Teatro do Noroeste – CDV and that will be featured in the edition of next year’s festival.

We will also launch number 3 of the Peças do Noroeste Collection, the text of the dramaturgy that Alexandre Calçada, Ana Perfeito, Elisabete Pinto and Tiago Fernandes created for the show staged by the latter, based on the homonymous story by Jorge Amado, in a session with the participation of Pedro Sobrado, President of the Board of Directors and Director of Communication, External Relations and Cultural Mediation at the São João National Theater, in Porto.

And there is you, who are reading us, who we challenge to live this theater party amongst us.