Complementary to a wide and diversified spectrum of partner entities, membership and active involvement in cultural networks are for Teatro do Noroeste – CDV a goal that translates into effective institutional gains capable of projecting the activities of its members in different spheres: local, regional, national, international. Examples of this are:

UCOTEP – Union of Portuguese Theater Companies is a movement, founded on May 15, 2020, that brings together collective entities of professional theatrical creation in Portugal that identify themselves as professional theater companies.

UCOTEP – Union of Portuguese Theater Companies defends:

A) The creation of a Certified Statute for Portuguese Theater Companies, to be issued by the Directorate-General for the Arts;
B) The inclusion of Portuguese Theater Companies in the process of implementing the National Theaters and Cine-Theaters Network;
C) The consultation of Portuguese Theater Companies in the pre-legislative processes of public policies for Culture in Portugal.

All associations, cooperatives and companies legally constituted in Portugal that have as their main object the professional theatrical creation in a public service logic, that identify themselves with the productive model of Companhia de Teatro have their own teams hired on staff, at the artistic, technical, administrative and production levels, can be part of UCOTEP – Union of Portuguese Theater Companies.

Installer Secretariat
– ACTA – A Companhia De Teatro Do Algarve
– S. A. Marionetas – Teatro & Bonecos
– Teatro Do Noroeste – Centro Dramático De Viana

Integrating Companies
– A Bruxa Teatro
– A Capoeira – Companhia De Teatro De Barcelos
– ACTA – A Companhia De Teatro Do Algarve
– Amarelo Silvestre
– Artistas Unidos
– Asta – Teatro E Outras Artes
– Astro Fingido
– Cegada Teatro
– Companhia Da Chanca
– Escola De Mulheres
– Espaço Das Aguncheiras
– Historioscópio Teatro De Marionetas
– Krisálida
– Leirena Teatro
– Lua Cheia
– Marionet
– Palco 13
– Reflexo – Associação Cultural E Teatral
– S. A. Marionetas – Teatro & Bonecos
– Teatromosca
– Teatro Da Garagem
– Teatro Do Elefante
– Teatro Estúdio Fontenova
– Teatro Experimental De Cascais
– Teatro Experimental Do Funchal
– Teatro Extremo
– Teatro Da Terra
– Teatro Do Noroeste – Centro Dramático De Viana
– Teatro Papa-Léguas
– Teatro Regional Da Serra Do Montemuro
– Teatro Experimental Do Porto (Tep)
– Urze Teatro
– Varazim Teatro
– Vicenteatro

Since the end of 2017, Teatro do Noroeste – CDV has been part of the Iberian Circuit of Performing Arts, a platform created by a group of independent companies, Portuguese and Spanish, which develop artistic creation activities in the areas of theater and dance.

Companhas Integrantes

– Ayuntamiento de Plasencia
– Teatro Guirigai, S.L.
– Teatro do Montemuro
– ACTA– A Companhia de Teatro do Algarve
– Teatro das Beiras. GICC
– Centro Dramático de Évora – Cendrev
– Companhia de Teatro de Braga, C.R.L.
– La Fundición Gestión de Proyectos S.L.
– Chévere producciones S.L.
– Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana
– Teatro Artimagen (Maia)
– Nave del Duende (Cáceres)

Throughout the season, the Iberian Scenic Arts Circuit is responsible for holding more than 50 shows in theaters and rooms in Portugal and Spain.

Based on a dynamic of networking between creators and companies from both countries, the Iberian Circuit of Scenic Arts is a space for artistic diffusion that promotes dramaturgy and aesthetics of contemporary Iberian scenic arts.

Also responsible, as a whole, for more than a hundred full-time artistic jobs, in addition to the occasional hiring of hundreds of artists and technicians each season, the companies that integrate the Iberian Scenic Arts Circuit incorporate the best labor practices in their professional artistic creation activities, contributing to the fight against precariousness and the advent of employability in the artistic sector.

Founded on December 6, 2008, TEIA – Teatro Em Iniciativa Associativa is a confederation of cultural associations that have expressed their willingness to come together in favor of promoting theatrical activity in the municipality and district of Viana do Castelo.
Collaborating with the Teatro do Noroeste – CDV, some of these associations for almost two decades, it made perfect sense to formalize an initiative that brought together all the associations that in one way or another promote the theater and the Teatro do Noroeste – CDV with their members.

In turn, since its foundation, Teatro do Noroeste – CDV has been taking its theater shows, as well as theater classes, giving theater courses for amateurs, to the people of the parishes of the municipality of Viana do Castelo.

This cooperative relationship between Teatro do Noroeste – CDV and TEIA is today fundamental in the dissemination of the performances of Teatro do Noroeste – CDV in the municipality of Viana do Castelo, while in return Teatro do Noroeste – CDV contributes through technical, logistical, operational and consultancy in the initiatives and events of TEIA members.

– Centro Cultural do Alto Minho
– MAOS – Movimento de Artes e Ofícios, Associação Promotora
– Grupo Etnográfico da Areosa
– Associação Desportiva Cultural e Social de Subportela
– Núcleo Promotor do Auto da Floripes 5 de Agosto
– Grupo Desportivo e Cultural dos Trabalhadores dos Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo
– Associação Guias de Portugal – Região de Viana do Castelo
– SIRSA – Sociedade de Instrução e Recreio Social Areosense, Areosa
– Associação Cultural de Mujães
– Associação Cultural de Freixieiro de Soutelo
– KRISALIDA Associação Cultural do Alto Minho
– Associação Desportiva e Cultural Seara, Ponte de Lima
– Viv’Experiência – Promoção e Animação Turística Lda.
– Grupo S. Paulo da Cruz
– ACEP – Associação Cultural e de Educação Popular
– Grupo Folclórico das Bordadeiras da Casa do Povo de Cardielos
– Associação Cultural de Chafé
– ArtMatriz – Associação Cultural e Artística
– Grupo de Danças e Cantares da Casa do Povo de Vila Nova de Anha
– Casa do Povo de Lanheses
– SIRA – Sociedade de Instrução e Recreio Ancorense
– TPC – Teatro Popular de Carapeços
– Associação SóPodia Teatrices e Companhia
– Teatro de Balugas
– Associação de Teatro Experimental de Feitos
– DUPLAFACE – Companhia das Artes
– Associação Social Recreativa Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante
– Enredos e Enigmas – Asssociação de Teatro/Grupo de Teatro do Vez (GTV)
– PORTA DE CENA – Eventos e Animações Unipessoal, Lda
– Companhia de Teatro de Santo Tirso
– Associação de Teatro Amador de Lanheses – ATAL
– ArtesMusivi – Associação de Artes de Viatodos

PLATTA was born with the purpose of fostering the dialogue of transregional and transnational amateur theater, as a reality within the national and European cultural space, as well as betting on a new vision of amateur theater, as an indispensable element for cross-border dissemination and cultural exchange.
In this sense, the platform develops a theatrical and cultural program that enables cross-border theatrical exchange between Galicia, Portugal and Castile and Leon.

– Fegatea (Federación Galega de Teatro Afeccionado)
– Fetacyl (Federación de Teatro Afeccionado de Castilla y León)
– Erregueté (Revista Galega de Teatro)
– Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana

In October 2015 Performart – Association for the Performing Arts in Portugal was created, with the driving force of promoting the multiple forms of cultural and artistic manifestation in the scope of the performing arts, the representation of its members, both at a national and international level, together with other associations, the taking of joint positions on issues relevant to the sector and its professionals and the creation of work networks that allow the sharing of knowledge in different areas.

PERFORMART intends to bring together collective people, public or private, who develop, permanently or punctually, an artistic and / or programming and / or cultural production activity in the performing arts sector in Portugal.

The founding members of PERFORMART are 14 institutions dedicated to the performing arts:

– Instituto Politécnico do Porto
– Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém
– Fundação Casa da Música
– OPART – Organismo de Produção Artística
– O Espaço do Tempo – Associação Cultural
– Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
– Teatro Nacional de São João
– EGEAC – Empresa de Gestão de Equipamentos e Animação Cultural
– Companhia de Teatro de Almada
– Centro de Artes de Espetáculo de Viseu – Associação Cultural e Pedagógica
– A Oficina – Centre de Artes e Mesteres Tradicionais de Guimarães
– Círculo de Cultura Teatral / Teatro Experimental do Porto
– Teatro do Bolhão – Centro de Formação e Produção
– Fundação de Serralves