Memória, Memória Começou a História

23 February – 19 March 2022


This book opens with the note: “Some people think that boys like nonsensical stories. Not so. Wonderful stories are never nonsensical. Otherwise, let’s see:”. Agustina simultaneously suggests her own conception of children’s tastes and the marvelous nature underlying this tale, which takes place in a rural setting and has as its protagonist a boy named Giz, short for Gisbergo. A cheeky, lazy boy with a prodigious memory which is, after all, the only meaning of his life, although he himself does not recognize it. And it is precisely for “selling his memory to the mugs” to a “bearded dwarf” that little Giz is transformed. “Either because he had suffered a lot, or because the world seemed new and exciting to him, Giz smiled and looked with pleasure at the rusty vintage shears that his mother never took out of her pocket. I don’t know if you’ve become a better boy. That’s not what I wanted to talk about. To be sure, no one can say what they want to talk about, because more or less we all sell our memory to the historian, or whoever the little man with the beard curled behind his ears is.” | Sara Reis da Silva

Ticket prices

4 – 10€


Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda – Main Room


23 February to 19 March 2022


Tuesday to Friday
09h30 and 11h00

Saturday (26th february and 19th march)

Running time

50 minutes (approx.)

Age rating



No. 149
Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana


A Memória de Giz by Agustina Bessa-Luís

Co-creation and Staging
Graeme Pulleyn

Co-creation and Interpretation
Alexandre Calçada, Alexandre Martins, Ana Perfeito, Chico Pires, Tiago Fernandes

Chico Pires

Scenography and Costume Design
Claudia Ribeiro

Scenography and Costume Design Assistant
Maria Eugênia Cavaggioni

Props and Scenography
Beatriz Prada

Alexandra Barbosa, Marlene Rodrigues

Elisabete Pinto

Light Design
Bruno Ferreira

GAM Pro Audio, Lameirinho