October 16, 2021


FUTEBOL is a dialogue between the theatrical game and the playfulness of a mass sport. On stage we confront MINORITIES and MAJORITIES, bringing together two apparently distant universes, but which have in common the rules of a game, the indispensable passion and the need for technique.

The dramaturgy of FUTEBOL will be drawn from the book “The Natural History of Football” by Álvaro Magalhães challenging the author to write a theatrical text where the ancestral and anthropological side of the relationship of the human being with a ball mixes with the football of our days and questions the contrasts between the beauty of the game and the violence that surrounds it; the clubpassions that bring together classes, age groups and generations so different with corruption, crime and suspicion that it misdirects the essential characteristic of the primordial relationship: the human being and a ball. FUTEBOL will be a co-creation of community root.

Tickets Price

4 to 10€


Sala Experimental do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


October 16, 2021


7:00 pm

Approximate duration

60 minutes

Age Rating

A Sort by CCE


Teatro Regional da Serra do Montemuro

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Texto a partir de
“História Natural do Futebol” de Álvaro Magalhães, “Uma História Popular do Futebol” de Mickäel Correia

João Neca, Miguel Jesus

João Neca

Abel Duarte, Eduardo Correia, Nylon Princeso, Raul Atalaia

Scenography, Costumes and Props
Rui Francisco, Maria João Castelo

Jorge Salgueiro, Rui Souza

Light and Sound Design
Paulo Duarte

Digital Design
Ben Kirman

Inês Gregório, Marta de Baptista, Paula Teixeira

Teatro O Bando, Teatro de Montemuro

International Partnership
Play On, Digital Creativity Lab (York)