O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá

15 January 2022


Those who think that a swallow cannot fall in love with a cat are mistaken. This is the story that Morning heard from Wind and told to Time. A Love Story.

A reflection about a world of prejudice, inequality, injustice, misunderstanding and little love, or at least not enough. A world, in short, that sucks. Because:

“The world will be good enough to live in/ On the day we see/ A Maltese cat marry/ With a joyful swallow/ The two of them go flying off/ The groom and his little bride/ Don Gato and dona Andorinha”.

Ticket prices

4 – 10€


Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda – Experimental Room


15 January 2022


5:00 pm

Running time

50 minutes (approx.)

Age Rating



No. 142
Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana


A partir de O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá de Jorge Amado

Co-Creation and Staging
Tiago Fernandes

Co-Creation and Interpretation
Ana Perfeito, Alexandre Calçada, Elisabete Pinto

Set and Prop Construction
Jorge Portela, José Esteves

Teresa Soares

Wardrobe Support
Flávia Silva, Hugo Rodrigues (Estágio Curricular – Curso Profissional de Design de Moda ETAP Cerveira)

Maria Alcina Cruz

Light Design
Nuno Almeida

Musical Selection
Tiago Fernandes

Multimedia Support
Luís Lagadouro

Graphic Design and Photography
Rui Carvalho