Olga Roriz – A casa das belas adormecidas

June 11, 2021


In co-production with Teatro Aveirense and Viana do Castelo Municipality, it premieres on May 15th and 16th, 2021.

“A Casa das Belas Adormecidas”(the house of the sleeping beauties) is a novel about youth and ageing, beauty and eroticism, desire and memories. Abandoned in beds, naked young women are untouched and untouchable, they sleep deeply under the influence of powerful drugs, allowing their bodies to be comtemplated, without their knowledge, by old men in search of a small consolation for the loss of their own youth. Eguchi, 67 years old has perfect notion of the physical decadence approching and the nights spent in the house of desire make him remind himself of the different women in his life, in an interwine of memories and erotic fantasies that end with the revelation of his inhuman nature. In the written introduction by Mishima, one can read: the house of the sleeping beauties is a submarine in which people are caught in a mousetrap and the air they breath is gradually disapearing. The reader feels scared and dizzy when he is caugh in the story and is aware of the desire stimulated by the approach of death, the desire is inevitably linked with fragments with no subjectivity. The sleeping beauties themselves are fragments of human beings in its higher intensity.

Tickets Price

Plateia: 10€
Frisas e Camarotes: 8€

Reservations: tmsm@cm-viana-castelo.pt


Sala Principal do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


June 11, 2021


9:00 pm

Approximate duration

60 minutes

Age Rating



Companhia Olga Roriz

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