Os Guardas do Museu de Bagdad

June 2, 2021


The play Os Guardas do Museu de Bagdad portrays the last moments before the sacking of the Iraq Museum in 2003. Thousands of priceless artefacts, were stolen, or destroyed by a mob that invaded the museum, while American forces watched, or at least this is what it seems … Why return to this moment, to this place in 2020? Why make this text the starting point for a new creation, a new reflection, 12 years after its premiere in Lisbon?
Because much has changed and much has remained the same.
Because cycles repeat themselves.
Because the destruction of the Iraqi heritage, heritage of humanity, continues.
Because so far not one person has been judged for the looting of the Iraqi Museum. Because this play is not about Iraq in 2003, it is about us today, at this precise moment, in this precise place.
Because there are still ordinary men and women who believe in causes and fight for them
Because this text inspires us, revolts us, touches us deeply.
And because it awakens in us the will to dig deeper. It makes us archaeologists of the truth and of injustices, committed in our name but without our consent.
Because utopias are necessary and awareness is not a luxury. Because conscience alone is worth nothing.
Because we need hope…

Tickets Price

4 to 10€

Reservas: tmsm@cm-viana-castelo.pt


Sala Principal do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


June 2, 2021


7:00 pm

Approximate Duration

90 minutes

Age Rating



Graeme Pulleyn / Nicho – Associação Cultural

More Information

Text by
José Peixoto

Artistic Co-ordination
Graeme Pulleyn

Creation and Performance
Emanuel Santos, Gabriel Gomes, Graeme Pulleyn, Joana Martins and Sofia Moura

Audiovisual Creation
Rafael Farias

Music Composition and Sound
Dennis Xavier

Scenic Space and Costumes
Samantha Jesus

Light Design
Cristóvão Cunha

Movement Consultancy
Romulus Neagu

Graphic Design
Guida Rolo (Criss Cross)

Lucas Morais and Mel Mathias (Escola Profissional Mariana Seixas)

Executive Producer
Guida Rolo (Criss Cross)

Production Assistant
Mirele Alexandre (Criss Cross)

Special Thanks
Giuseppina Raggi, Lucas Pulleyn, Pedro Sobral, Escola Profissional Mariana Seixas, Gira Sol Azul, Teatro do Montemuro, Teatro Viriato