País das Canções de Embalar

May 13-15, 2021


A narrator and a pianist travel lost through the country of lullabies, telling stories about stories, including the birth and death of Lila, a water dog Portuguese. On the scene is also someone who acts, and for that same reason, opens a game of unforeseen events. Between the character and the narrator, between the author of the text and the author in the text, a conflict results and the narrator may lose control of the language.

The scenic device plays with the questions that open up in the search for an identity, whether it is the identity of Vitor, a country or a dog: What if the differentiation between you and me was impossible? What if the certainty and authenticity of an “I” was no longer a problem?

Close your eyes and see. Pack the sleep to forget you, to weave a lullaby in which the words rest. Places of imagination echo lullabies that evoke disconcerting and astounding questions. On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that a lullaby, with its hypnotic repetitions, can crystallize into a moralizing and unambiguous song, literally numb to the consciences of the living, making it forget violence.

Tickets Price

4 to 10€


Sala Experimental do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


May 13-15, 2021


May 13-14
2:30 pm

May 15
11:30 am

Approximate duration

80 minutes

Age Rating



Projeto Ariadne

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Artistic Direction and Production
Vânia Geraz

Vânia Geraz e Daniela Silva

Light Design
Ernesto Costa

Support for the Design of the Scenic Space
Ângela C.

Graphic Design
Pedro Fonte

Daniela Silva e Vânia Geraz

António Neves da Silva

Melody and lyrics
Vânia Geraz

António Neves da Silva

Teatro do Noroeste – CDV
Creta – Laboratório de Criação Teatral