About us

Teatro do Noroeste – CDV is the professional resident theater company of Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo.

It’s cultural project is dedicated to the dissemination of the repertoire of Portuguese and universal dramaturgy of many decades, through contemporary artistic theatrical creation, fostering collaboration between local, national, Ibero-American and European creators.

Foundational structure of the professional artistic creation of Alto Minho and Collective Person of Public Utility, dynamizes a regular cultural offer committed to the inclusion, accessibility and development of audiences for the enjoyment of cultural goods.

It presents an average of 4 new creations per season that cover all age groups and more than 100 annual performances, which include replacements, hosting and circulation of shows in national and international territory.

The Community Project and the Educational Service provide complementary initiatives for participation and artistic mediation for community initiative groups and / or schoolchildren, on a regular and temporary basis, aiming at the affirmation of a regional dynamic theater-pole oriented towards artistic creation, cultural programming, mediation and the development of audiences for the arts.

It has the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Portuguese Republic through the Sustainable Support Program 2018/2021 of the DGArtes; with institutional and financial support from the Viana do Castelo City Council; sponsorship by Crédito Agrícola – Caixa do Noroeste; the TEIA network – Teatro Em Iniciativa Associativa; and with the support in partnership of a group of companies in the Viana do Castelo region.

Where we came from…

Since its founding in 1991, Teatro do Noroeste – CDV has always developed a public service action to qualify the region’s cultural offer and develop audiences, promoting citizens’ access to the enjoyment of cultural goods, in accordance with the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. “

And what we’ve already done…

Teatro do Noroeste – CDV currently consecrates a line of artistic creation dedicated to the dissemination of the repertoire of all times, based on an integrated strategy of public development, in line with its fundamental performance matrices as a structure of professional artistic creation of greater longevity based in Alto Minho.