Note of Condolence for Maria Alcina Cruz

Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana expresses its deepest regret for the passing of Maria Alcina Cruz.

Born in Oporto, where she lived most of her life, she had a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, to which she dedicated herself professionally for two decades. She also studied and completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Oporto, and worked as a psychologist for the following two decades.

After retiring, she chose Viana do Castelo to live, living in a senior residential institution since 2011.

Member of ATIVAsénior – Oficina de Teatro com Seniores since the beginning, in 2012, Maria Alcina made her debut in the playful practice of theater when she was 82 years old.

Throughout a decade, through the dedicated and irrevocable attendance of the weekly sessions that characterized her, Alcina was always an outstanding example of vitality, joy and inspiration for all the people who shared with her the pleasure of making theater in the Regular Theater Workshops of the Community Project of Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana, as well as for the entire Company’s Team.

But not only. Her fragile and arched physiognomy, contrasting with the beauty of her childish face, with clear and always eager eyes, topped by an irresistible and frank smile, contributed, together with her theatrical talent and the demand she put in everything she did, for Maria Alcina Cruz to quickly become a reference of ATIVAsénior also for the diverse audiences of the group’s performances.

And many were Maria Alcina’s participations: in her ATIVAsénior, where she was directed from the first hour by Ana Perfeito and Tiago Fernandes, but also, and on several occasions, by Elisabete Pinto, Patrícia Ferreira, Alexandre Calçada, Alexandre Martins, having worked on texts by Lorca, Almada Negreiros, Santareno, Saramago, Goldoni, Visniec, Camilo Castelo Branco, Almeida Garrett, Sophocles, among others.

And also, in 2016, she participated in the community show Anjo Branco (White Angel), directed by Graeme Pulleyn, created and performed on board the Gil Eannes Hospital Ship, in Viana do Castelo, a creation that, in 2017, was invited by FITEI – International Festival of Theatre of Iberian Expression, to be part of the selection of shows of that prestigious event.

He also participated in several of Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana’s own creations: O Noivado no Dafundo, directed by Ana Perfeito and Tiago Fernandes, in 2015; O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá; directed by Tiago Fernandes, in 2020; A Casa do Rio, in 2013 and A Casa do Rio 2, in 2022 directed by Ricardo Simões. The latter is scheduled to premiere on December 6, 2022, at 9pm, in the Main Hall of Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo, with Maria Alcina Cruz’s contributions being an inseparable part of the show’s creation process, of which she is, and always will be, the Angel character.

Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana extends its institutional condolences to the family and friends and expresses its deep collective gratitude for the gift of so many beautiful theatrical and human moments that the company and all its people and audiences had the privilege of sharing with Maria Alcina Cruz.

She is all of us.