IN.DIA – Hugo Gamboias e Diogo Passos

May 22, 2021


Hugo Gamboias and Diogo Passos share the desire to make a contribution for the history of the Portuguese guitar, an instrument that throughout history has asserted itself as the voice of a country. After years of playing together the style that brought them together, the Coimbra fado, in 2019, upon invitation of the 10th Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival, Hugo and Diogo start working on a repertoire of traditional pieces alongside original themes. The tour in India serves as inspiration for a show based on original themes and unpublished arrangements.

The Portuguese guitar that reached its final shape at the beginning of the century XX is accompanied by the well-known classical guitar in a symbiotic relationship that still prevails today. In the context of contemporary music Hugo Gamboias and Diogo Passos explore new means presenting a set of original themes where they show their inspirations from traditional music to possible new paths for Portuguese guitar.

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Plateia: 8€
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Sala Principal do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


May 22, 2021


9:00 pm

Approximate duration

60 minutes

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Hugo Gamboias e Diogo Passos

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Portuguese Guitar
Hugo Gamboias

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