Dalila | Festival DDD – Dias da Dança

April 29, 2023


dalila is the name of a single body, on an empty stage. A body, made of memories and archives, which seeks a new identity, carrying so many others. It is an identity made of assumptions and possibilities, like a body that sees itself in the vertigo of the tips, if it can get back up. Or a body that projects itself into the future, from the rigidity of the technique that made it possible. It is the contemporary body that proposes a new way of existing in such a rigid and limited language as the classical body.
dalila is the possibility of a “body understood as an affective system of formation, transformation, incorporation and dispersion”. (André Lepecki) – Daniela Cruz

Tickets Price

4 a 10€


Sala Principal do Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda


April 29, 2023


7:00 pm

Approximate Duration

50 minutes

Age Rating



Festival DDD – Dias da Dança

More Information

Created and performed
Daniela Cruz

Musical composition
Samuel Martins Coelho

Lighting design
Cárin Geada

Costumes and props
Pedro Azevedo

Dramaturgical advice
Nuno Preto

Inês Pinheiro

Supported by
Fundação GDA

Coproduced by
Teatro Municipal do Porto / DDD – Festival Dias da Dança