VIMAGIA: Festival of Magic

20 – 21 May 2022


VIMAGIA is the first magic festival in Viana do Castelo. Under the artistic direction of Quase Quatro and following the support of the Municipality of Viana do Castelo (within the contest Viana Jovens com Talento 2021) on the 20th and 21st of May 2022 several places and routes of the city will be explored, creating performances based on each space, using not only magic, but also encompassing theatre, music and clown.

Because every corner is full of history and culture, the event starts from the idea of what is the identity of the city and its inhabitants and aspires to revitalise spaces laden with history and tradition, making them possible stages and even giving them a new vision… more magical.


20 MAY 2022/ FRIDAY
(21h30) Municipal Theatre Sá de Miranda
Almost Four present “The History of Magic, Highly Reduced And Slightly Aldrabada
(22h30) Municipal Theatre Sá de Miranda
Programming Presentation

(10:00 a.m.) Municipal Library
Almost Four guides the “Family-Size Magic” workshop

1h shows of MAGIA DE RUA
(11h, 15h and 17h30)
República Square: Ricardo Pimenta
Jardim Público Marginal: Ricardo Pimenta
Porta Mexia Galvão: Ricardo Pimenta
30-minute shows of SPECIFIC SITE MAGIC

(11h, 12h, 15h, 16h and 18h30)
Hospital Gil Eanes Ship: André Nage
Costume Museum: Zé Mágico
Museum of Decorative Arts: Francisco Mousinho
(9:30 p.m.) Sá de Miranda Municipal Theatre
Closing Show with all the Magicians

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Free Admission


Consult Specific Program


20 – 21 May 2022


Consult Specific Program

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Consult Specific Program

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Quase Quatro


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